The "Positive Locking" solution SOF•LOC™ For years people on the move have been looking for a simple and effective storage device for use on boats, trucks RV's and campers. Once a vehicle is in motion, objects such as oars, guns, fishing poles, or tools suffer the risk of being lost or damaged, or worse yet can become a dangerous projectile.

Packaged set of two holders. 

Packaged set of two straps. Now SOF•LOC™, a new C-shaped storage bracket, offers a unique "positive locking" solution. These tough little units gained fame among mariners for the ability to secure oars, poles, and gaff hooks in place, even in rough seas. SOF•LOC's™ are right at home in the trucking, RV and camping world securing every thing from rifles and bows to brooms.

An elastic quick release tab mounts in a slot in the back of each unit and is pulled forward to seat in a matching slot in the front. The tab remains attached to the unit and cannot be misplaced or lost when not in use. SOF•LOC's™ Rubber assembly and positive locking tab means no more lost or stray objects, and no more cuts or bruises from bumping into traditional plastic, metal, or wood brackets. PHONE: (425) 747-7831
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