GrillBuddy™ Barbecue Holder
For Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Home and Apartment use
Uses your favorite barbecue.
Design simplicity for trouble-free meals right on your boat, R.V., or outdoors at home. Easy to setup, remove and store. Extra sturdy construction from easy to clean, lightweight stainless steel

S.S. barbecue holder (complete).

Matched poly cutting board.

Additional clamps for holder. Holds most rectangular portable barbecue grill: Weber(R), Charbroil(R), Sunbeem(R) etc.
Stores easily inside barbecue when not in use
Helps prevent burn or grease spots on decks
Fits all flat surfaces and 7/8" - 1" diameter rail or stanchions at any angle.
Can double as cutting board or serving tray w/optional accessories Makes barbecuing easy and convenient. PHONE: (425) 747-7831
FAX: (425) 747-7835