Vertical and Horizontal Rail Mount Brackets
These brackets mount to any 7/8" to 1" diameter railing.  The Vertical and Horizontal versions will accept all of our WedgeMount products including our World Renowned LevelBest Beverage Holders.  Sold in packages of two that include stainless hardware.
    F032V     F031H
Comes in 4 sizes, 7/8", 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" and fits our WedgeMount System. Made from tuff durable Nylon.  Great for poles, handles, rods of any kind.   Package includes (2) Kwik-Klips of the appropriate size and (2) WedgeMounts.
    F039 7/8"     F051 1"     F052 1 1/4"     F053 1 1/2"
Great for sportsmen of all kinds.  Holds 100X50 and 70X35 binoculars.  A must for any boat.  Keeps cords and lines neat, fishing rods, oars, boat hooks, net and lots more.  Great in wet locations and fits our WedgeMount System.   Package includes (2) J-Clips and (2) WedgeMounts.  F037
Bait Box
The Herring Bait Box has a handy inset holder that cradles a Cut Plug Gauge without motion for easy and safe cuts. The top rib guide holds a knife or other small utensils securely on the box lid preventing them from rolling off. F003BB
Cut Plug Guide 
For consistent rolls and higher bite ratios, this bait cutter is a must. There is no guesswork involved with its multiple angled guides. Includes angles for Chinook (king) and Coho (silver). Rests on top of our Bait Box F007
Crab Caliper
Our Crab Caliper takes the guesswork out of measuring the legal sizes of many different types of crab. This unique caliper has multiple measuring steps all in the same tool, more than any other caliper. Both male and female diagrams are molded into the handle for quick and easy reference. For most crab sizing from northern California through Alaska. F006 Miscellaneous Folbe™ PHONE: (425) 747-7831
FAX: (425) 747-7835